MiSTer Downloads & Links

2024-05-16 Updated AmigaVision MegaAGS
2024-04-09 Updated webshop links
2024-01-27 Added AO486 video presets

MiSTer FPGA basic installation

SD Card Flasher - balenaEtcher

Get balenaEtcher for Windows

SD Card Flasher - ApplePi Baker

Get ApplePi Baker for macOS

MiSTer Install - Mr. Fusion

Get the universal MiSTer installation image

Script - Update All

Get theypsilon's Update All script

MiSTer.ini file

Get the latest official MiSTer.ini file

File transfer and editing

File Transfer - FileZilla

Get FileZilla FTP for any platform

Text Editor - Visual Studio Code

Get Visual Studio Code for any platform

Script - Migrate SD

Get Natrox's Migrate SD script


Ultimate MiSTer

Recommended webshop in the EU

MiSTer Addons

Recommended webshop in the US


Recommended for parts and accessories in the UK

High Scores

Holgercade High Scores

Mr. RePlay's arcade high score website

MiSTer Audio

Startup Sound (203 KB)

Mr. RePlay's MiSTer startup sound

C64 SID Chip Filter (4 KB)

The perfect custom 6581 SID filter

Ultimate SID Collection

Get 256 chiptunes for your background music

MiSTer Video Processing

Processing Presets (4 KB)

Mr. RePlay's video processing presets for arcade games, C64 / Amiga, and AO486 PC

1084 Philips Shadow Mask (1 KB)

Mr. RePlay's Commodore 1084 Philips shadow mask for C64 / Amiga

Shadow Mask Editor

Tonurics shadow mask editor for the MiSTer

Commodore 64

C64 Top 500+ Games (75.1 MB)

Mr. RePlay's preservation archive of top games and demos. User/pass is nostalgia/paradox

OneLoad64 V5 Games (553.8 MB)

StatMat's preservation archive of cracktro-free, single load games. User/pass is nostalgia/paradox

Lemon 64

Browse a database of more than 5,000 games


Browse and download C64 games and demos

Commodore Amiga


Official information about the AmigaVision setup

AmigaVision + MegaAGS

Search for the latest complete installation and game preservation archive in the Internet Archive

AmigaVision + MegaAGS (3.98 GB)

Download a recent backup from the Internet Archive. User/pass is nostalgia/paradox

Lemon Amiga

Browse a database of more than 4,000 games